About Abartis Pharma

Our commitment is to look for products and services that will provide an added value to our clients.

Your challenge is our motivation to keep growing and innovating.


Abartis Pharma is seeking to rapidly expand its product portfolio in the European Union. Our business development activities are focused on prescription branded and generic products currently approved and commercialized and falling outside the license holder’s business focus. Abartis Pharma consider in-licensing, acquisition, co-promotion, revenue-sharing, and other partnering opportunities.

Therapeutic categories of primary interest for proprietary products include psychiatry, neurology, pain management, cardiology, infectious disease, ophtalmology, urology, dietary supplements and medical devices although we will consider other opportunities outside of these areas.


Abartis Pharma is working to expand its international strategic marketing partnerships for products developed-in house or co-developed with our strategic partners.

Abartis Pharma products typically incorporate proprietary drug delivery technology or unique gallenic forms offering a therapeutic benefit and commercial advantage. Abartis Pharma consider out-licensing, co-promotion, revenue-sharing, and other partnering opportunities

Out-Licensing process

Partnering Philosophy

One of the keys to Abartis Pharma’s success has been the implementation of strategic partnerships and alliances and a flexible and pragmatic approach to licensing and acquisitions. These are fundamental to the company’s continued growth and success.

Our strategy is to develop our business by licensing and acquiring products that we are able to directly market in the European Union or South America and to develop partnerships for the global marketing of products developed by Abartis Pharma.

As a partner, Abartis Pharma offers:

  • An established sales and marketing capability to bring new specialty brands and generic products into the EU and South America markets
  • A management team and corporate culture committed to partnering
  • A proven product development, manufacturing, quality, regulatory and supply chain logistics capability
  • A flexible and creative approach to collaborations
  • The ability to respond rapidly to opportunities


The role of our Corporate and Business Development Department is to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships. The team’s role involves:

  • Overseeing the selection and review of in-licensing and acquisition opportunities ·
  • Managing the out-licensing process

Health Innovation Matters

How we do it

Integrated Business Consulting

Abartis Pharma works with you from the begining of your intention to establish of your Company in Spain. We work togheter with you, providing the necessary resources, to create a pragmatic strategy and a realistic and effective execution plan that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Our focus is to grow togheter and to create and execute longterm beneficial win-win strategy.


Regulatory strategy is the key aspect to consider when registering a dossier and obtaining approval.

Our group of experts in Regulatory Affairs analyzes each project to provide each client with personalized support.

Abartis Pharma establishes the best strategy both at the legal level and in the country specific requirements involved in the registry andestablishment processes.


Abartis Pharma looks for distribution opportunities of products in the area of healthcare industry in Spain.

Our focus is on medicine products as Rx and OTC, dietary supplements and medical devices.

Abartis Pharma approch is flexible and openminded with strongly focus on opportunities that may exit of new market niche creation.